Labour, accounting and tax advice

Young, dynamic and rigorous


We are a young and dynamic advisor’s office, funny and rigorous at the same time always ensuring the quality of our service.

Close, secure and reliable


We establish with our clients a relationship of closeness, security and confidence and these are durable and long term.

Use of new technologies


We incorporate new technologies into our work methodology which allows us to offer an agile and well structured service.

Our Services

Labour advice

Aliat manages and advises on labour matters through a wide team of experts. Our team incorporates constantly the new rules, with the help of the latest technologies and working on a daily basis with the different Social Security agencies to provide an updated, intimate and professional service.

Accounting and tax advice

Aliat has an extensive experience in accounting systems that allow us to attain a very good knowledge of the evolution of each company and thus inform, advise and assist in decision making for better management and control of these companies. To achieve these goals, we employ the latest technology in accounting and management programs and a team of proficient experts with a precise knowledge of the system and tax-accounting regulations to provide an updated, intimate and professional service.

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